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Attention: The following document was translated from the original Portuguese language document. Automatic translation software was at times used. Although our best efforts were taken, some misspells may appear, and thus we apologize for that. The original document should always be considered.

Last Updated: 10-21-2012


We will do our best to provide you the best possible buying experience and outstanding Shipping and Returning Conditions. In we can offer you:


  • FREE SHIPPING for all our main products.


  • IMMEDIATE DELIVERY through instant download for several selected products or fast mail distribution.


  • We won’t charge you FIXED SHIPPING FEES


  • FAIR SHIPPING FEES. Every product will have its weight measured and available on  All Shipping fees you pay are always based on respective product and package weight.


  • We DELIVER WORLDWIDE in a neat, secure package.




Free Shipping

Several products on Natal Charts are delivered free of charge.

Those selected products will have that indication on its respective description. For all other products shipping costs will apply depending on your deliver address and on those products specific weight.


Immediate Delivery

For most of our main selected products we will instantly deliver completely free of charge. You can receive most of that selected products by email or by downloading directly on


No Fixed Shipping Fees

Natal Charts Org will never have fixed shipping fees or fixed delivery costs. We will always estimate shipping fees according to the product weight and respective destiny.


Shipping Costs

Every item shipping cost is calculated solely based on its respective weight and volume.

All delivery costs are always calculated according to product specific weight plus package weight.


We will not have fixed shipping fees.



Pay After Total Satisfaction

Because we fully believe on our products quality and in your complete satisfaction, exclusively offer you the possibility to complete your payment for your Natal Charts, Synastries and other selected products only when you receive it and only if you are fully satisfied with those products. Please read Pay Total After Satisfaction Area to know more about it.


Receiving your Orders

Every service or product mention “FREE SHIPPING” will be delivered free of charges to you after respective payment is confirmed.

We will immediately ship your order after payment confirmation and if products are available. We will send you an email as soon as your order was send. Delivery time may vary according to your country.


Return Policy


We believe that products will earn your total satisfaction. So we offer you 90 days to tranquilly verify and examine your products. If you are not fully satisfied we will return your money. Note that we will only return the value of the products you order not respective shipping costs.



Our Address

Mailing Address:


Natal Charts Org


Rua da Bela Vista, 24

3105 223 MEIRINHAS