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    Complete Natal Chart - Complete Birth Analysis - English

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    Complete Natal Chart and Birth analysis

    Natal Chart - Birth Analysis

    Natal Charts Natal Charts Org Natal Charts Complete Natal Chart and Birth analysis
    Natal Charts Complete Natal Chart and Birth analysis
    Natal Charts Complete Natal Chart and Birth analysis

    Complete Natal Chart - Birth analysis with full descriptions for only 27€

    Full Birth Analysis Map usually in the total value of 49 €

    (Pay only 27 € now and the total amount after receiving your horoscope and only if you agree with its contents.)

    Quality Guarantee
    Pay the full amount after receiving your Astral Chart and only if you are satisfied!!

    (We deliver worldwide via email or optionally by mail.)

    Developed by Professional Astrologers.
    The most complete Natal Chart available worldwide.
    Learn everything about yourself or about someone special.

    NATAL CHARTS horoscope wheel natal chart


    • Complete and Detailed Astral Chart - Full Designs and Descriptions

    • Drawing of your detailed map with the correct position of the stars and signs and full description.

    • Interpretation and detailed description of every aspect of your birth chart.

    • Accurate description of your personality.

    • Accurate predictions for your future and describing aspects of your past and present.

    • Includes detailed descriptions of your Identity, Emotions, Life, Mind, Personality, Values, Goals, Wisdom, Challenges, Originality, Transcendence, Transformation and Fate.

    • Interpretation of Personal, Emotional and Vocational Aspects.

    • Dozens of pages written in great detail about you!

    • Quality guaranteed : Pay the total of your Astral Map only if in fact you agree with the interpretation.




    The moment of birth is unique. At that precise second the planets were guided in a certain way and the relative positions of these planets can be found based on the study tables done by professional Astrologers.

    By knowing the location, year, month , day and exact time of birth of a person , the position of the planets at birth can be accurately determined.

    NATAL CHARTS map stars

    The study of the relative positions of the planets in place and time of birth can be printed on a chart or map. That is tthe Birth Map, Astral Map or Natal Chart.

    The analysis of the Astral Map helps determine the intrinsic characteristics of each individual. In Astral Map or Natal Chart characteristics such as personality can be determined with great accuracy for each person, character, temperament and predispositions to certain events, how they express themselves, how they deal with emotions, love...

    NATAL CHARTS horoscope tools tables

    Knowing these personal characteristics is an important tool to know the best issues about you . To enhance those qualities. To know you better.

    How we mathematically calculate your Natal Chart

    We need the exact coordinates of your place of birth. We use the latitude and longitude of your birth place to calculate the position of the planets, moon and sun relative to the birthplace.

    NATAL CHARTS natal chart analysis prediction

    The hour, minute and second of his birth, or as close as possible. The time of his birth is critical as well as the time zone (depending on location) every second the relative position of the earth changes in relation to other planets and in relation to the sun and the moon. So for two people born in the same location but in different minutes, the horoscope of each will be completely different.

    It is therefore very important to know the place and exact time of birth.

    According to the latitude and longitude of your birth and the time it occurred, we can calculate the degree of the zodiac using a table of houses.

    NATAL CHARTS zodiac wheel signs study

    For every moment of the year we listed the correct positions of all the planets and the moon. It's called Ephemeris of the year of birth to that position and can be found knowing the position of planets relatively to Greenwich, England (time base for all time zones). From this location, and by algebraic calculation it can be known to all other locations in the world the exact position of the planets. The exact location can still be found using a table of values ??called logarithmic table of proportional logarithms.

    Some Symbols We Use and Their Meaning:


    Sun Identity, individuality, the father
    Moon Instincts, the unconscious, the mother
    Mercury Mindset, communication, brothers and sisters, travel
    Venus Love, romance, partnership, values?, women
    Mars Impulses, sexuality, men , brothers, desire
    Jupiter Wisdom, vision, expansion, belief, space
    Saturn Challenge, concentration, restriction, time
    Uranus Originality, renewal, revolution, eccentricity
    Pluto Pluto Transformation, humiliation and power, underworld


    Natal Chart - Birth Analysis


    Wheel + Info
    Life Path
    Planetary Symbols and their Meanings

    - Natal Charts


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