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    Astrology Pictures

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    Astrology Pictures

    Imagens Astrológicas

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    Astrology Pictures

    Imagens Astrológicas

    Número de Páginas: 175
    Ano de Edição: 1987

    Astrology Pictures

    The scope of this book is to present a collection of amazing. interesting and beautifuí images associated with the spiritual discipline of astrology.

    In the quest to understand more about our existence and the forces that drive us, people have studied the influence of the movement of planetary bodies on our life on earth.

    The oldest form of horoscopic astrology is probably the Hindu orVedic variant. which is over 5000 years old.

    The Western and Arabian tradition originates from Mesopotamia and started some 4000 years ago.

    Both forms adhere to the same underlying principie, namely the interpretation of the heavens at a specific moment in time.

    Thus, the placement of the planets at the moment of a persons birth. for instance, would have an influence on that persons character and future.

    The planets seem to move along a band of constellations called the zodiac. from which twelve astrological signs have been derived.

    Believers think that these twelve signs each represent a basic type of personality. In contrast to the Western and Indian form of Astrology, Chinese astrology is based on the moons movement through the sky.

    From this, the Chinese have derived a very different system with its own zodiac, also with twelve signs, each corresponding with years of the Chinese calendar.

    This book starts with pictures featuring astrologers (pages 12-21), followed by visualizations of celestial influences (pages 22-26). representations of the planets (pages 26-33) and signs of the Western zodiac (pages 34-65). Pages 66-75 contain images from Egypt and Arabia. and pages 76-79 from índia and Java.

    The imagery of Chinese astrology (and its related forms from Japan, Tibet and Mongolia) can be found on pages 80-101. Pages 102-109 contain images of the ancient Mayan date system.

    Horoscopes, including those of some very famous people, are on pages 110-119. The last part of the book. pages 120-127. contains charts that show the perceived influence of the zodiac on the human body. CD-Rom & lmage Rights.

    The images in this book can be used as a graphic resource and for inspiration. All the illustrations are stored on the enclosed CD-ROM and are ready to use for printed media and web page design.

    The pictures can also be used to produce postcards. either on paper or digitally, or to decorate your letters, flyers, T-shirts, etc.

    They can be imported directly from the CD into most software programs. Some programs will allow you to access the images directly; in others, you will first have to create a document, and then import the images.

    Please consult your software manual for instructions.

    The names of the files on the CD-ROM correspond with the page numbers in this book. The CD-ROM comes free with this book, but is not for sale separately.

    The files on Pepin Press/Agile Rabbit CD-ROMs are sufficiently large for most applications. However, larger and/or vectorised files are available for most images and can be ordered from The Pepin Press/Agile Rabbit Editions. For non-pro-fessional applications. single images can be used free of charge.

    The images cannot be used for any type of commercial or otherwise Professional application - including ali types of printed or digital publications - without prior permission from The Pepin Press/Agile Rabbit Editions. Our permissions policy is very reasonable and fees charged. if any, tend to be minimal.

    Número de Páginas: 175
    Ano de Edição: 1987