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Attention: The following document was translated from the original Portuguese language document. Automatic translation software was at times used. Although our best efforts were taken, some misspells may appear, and thus we apologize for that. The original document should always be considered.

Last Updated: 10-21-2012


Read All About Natal Charts Privacy Policy

Because we take your privacy very seriously, the Natal Charts Privacy Policy Area is intended to clearly permit all our visitants and customers to be informed about our Privacy Policy and gain knowledge about our confidentiality practices.

Also you will know how you can manage, control and edit all your personal information.


Privacy Policy

Since we know how you concern about your personal information and because highly secure and automatically collect and manage several personal information about you, your privacy is for us a particularly serious matter and below you will learn how we save, utilize and protect all your private information.


Natal Charts Privacy Policy Area will inform you:


* What information we collect from you in

* That we will never share all your personal information

* How we use the information you provide us

* That we will and how we will protect your information

* The choices you will have concerning control of your personal information


This Privacy Policy applies to and other JARDINTEC ® web stores.  For more information regarding those websites, please consult their respective Conditions of Use and Privacy Policies.


What information we collect in


Information You Provide Us

When you register or create an account in website, we receive and store your information. In addition, when you place an order on web store, or write a review for a product, or when you send us an inquire or question we record and store your information. Also in Natal Charts SPACE Social Web, if you wish to join it, you provide information that we also record, store and protect.


In the following areas of the information we collect from you includes things like:




* Your Gender

* Your First Name

* Your Last Name

* Your Country of Birth

* Your Place of Birth or Town of Birth

* Your Date of Birth

* Your Time of Birth (optional)

* Your E-mail Address

* Your Value Added Tax Identification Number for Invoice (optional)

* Your Mailing Address

* Your Phone Number

* Your Fax Number (optional)




* Your First Name

* Your Last Name

* Your E-mail Address

* Your Gender

* Your Date of Birth

* Your Mailing Address


Public Community Areas on Natal Charts Org


Like on SPACE Social Web, the Social Network Area of Natal Charts Org Website, some other public areas of this website may and will be accessed publically by other visitants, users and costumers. So be conscious that any information you give on those public community areas may and will be accessed, edited and read by other visitants, users or costumers.


Other Areas on Natal Charts Org


Creating an account may also be required in other areas of Natal Charts Website such as WIKI Area, FAQ, Directory or Classifieds Areas.

Also in Work With Us Area you will be invited to send us an E-mail with some information for subsequent contact from us.


Automatically Collected Information

Totally automatically and with no access or control from our staff, Natal Charts Org website may also collect information through cookies and other automated means. Our Natal Charts website may use that information to improve and simplify your access and shopping process for example.


Sharing your Information


Natal Charts will not sell, transmit, rent or share your information to other companies. We may use some information, in one or several ways we following describe in other JARDINTEC ® or associate web sites. In addition, we may share information with third parties to perform services on our behalf.



How we use the information you provide us

The information we collect from you is used for several operative services:


* Processing, deliver and provide any orders or information

* Studying and manufacturing individual natal chart or birth chart analysis

* Authorizing access to several Natal Chart website areas

* Delivering products, processing returns and refunds

* Develop Natal Charts website internal statistical analysis

* Creating and administrating your personal accounts, address lists, etc.

* Comercial and Promotional Communication

* Allowing social interactions with Natal Charts website and every other Natal Chart site visitants, costumers and users.



Information Maintenance


In order to offer you quality services and facilitate any further contacts and future orders, we will retain and protect all information you provide us as long your account is active.


We keep and protect all your Information

How we protect the information you provide us


All information you provided us is recorded securely and we develop ways to increment and protect the confidentiality of all personal information that we keep in our database. The process of sending that information, before recording it on our database, the type of connection you use, equipment, network, etc. is used at your one risk. Natal Charts cannot be responsible for the security of the sending information process or any information you transmit to us.


Payment Information

All payment operations are protected with highly technological processes and ultimate encryption technology that ensures maximum protection of your payment information during data transfer. All the information you provide us via encryption technology will be practically impossible to detect or capture on public internet.


The choices you have concerning control of your personal information


* Manage, revise and correct all your personal information directly on our database

* Choose to receive or request stop receiving Natal Charts promotional e-mails or other information from us

* Request cancel your account or elimination of any or all your personal information


You can easily do any of the above by:


* Following website instructions on your account area

* Contact us by e-mail, clearly identifying yourself with your current contact information toPrivacy Policy

* Sending a letter with your request and current contact information to:



Att. Privacy Dep.

Rua da Bela Vista, 24

3105 223 MEIRINHAS



Third-party Advertising

In some areas of Natal Charts we display ads provided by third-party advertising companies. Some advertising companies may collect information about your visits or clicks on those ads.


Third-party  Websites

Natal Charts website and other JARDINTEC ® websites link to other websites to which this privacy policy may not apply.


Privacy Policy Updates

We reserve the right to alter at any time our Privacy Policy.


By visiting NATALCHARTS.ORG you are accepting the terms and practices described in this present Privacy Notice.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you may contact us:



Privacy Policy


Mailing Address:


Att. Privacy Dep.

Rua da Bela Vista, 24

3105 223 MEIRINHAS